Natural Fertilization

The day of ovulation is determined and the patient is required to perform sexual intercourse. This is considered the initial method that the physician will employ to treat infertility so that the couple can have a child naturally.

For WHO?

  • This method is suitable for young people with normal semen and without blocked fallopian tubes apart from a problem of ovulation.
  • Patients who have not registered their marriage (since IUI and IVF requires a marriage certificate only).

Treatment Process

  1. The doctor gives an ovulation induction drug within the first 3-5 days during the period.
  2. The doctor makes an appointment for an ultrasound to examine the size of the egg and the thickness of the endometrium.
  3. When the egg grows to 16-18 mm, the doctor will inject an ovulation induction drug (as a subcutaneous injection which can be performed at home).
  4. 36 hours after the injection, the egg will ovulate. This is the suitable time recommended for the couple to perform sexual intercourse.