Testicular Epididymal Sperm Extraction (TESE)

Male infertility or azoospermia refers to a condition that sperm are not ejected at the time of orgasm or in the secreted semen.

This condition is caused by many factors as follows:

  • Obstructive azoospermia
  • Congenital absence of the Vas deferens
  • Ejaculated dead sperm
  • Inflammation of the testicles due to mumps or others

What should you do if you want to have a child?

In the past, men with infertility could not have children of their own except by using donor semen. At present, this problem can be solved by TESE with a small incision in the scrotum area to bring cells in the testicle to detect sperm. This is considered a minor surgery. After the procedure, patients can go home without hospitalization.